Using Wireless Video/Audio Output on the GPD Win

*Disclaimer: I highly recommend doing this over a FAST, reliable 5.0GHz connection.

As fun as it is to be umbilical corded to a hard-to-find mini-HDMI to full-HDMI cable, you may desire a less-2005 style solution to getting your GPD Win’s connect to the big screen.

Luckily, wireless display isn’t new, it handles audio and video, it’s greatly polished, and it’s more accessible than ever. In fact… this may be the shortest post on this website!

First order of business is accessing the Action Center on your GPD Win. Swipe in from the right-most edge of your screen or click the message icon in the bottom right hand corner; what we’re looking for is “Connect” (tap or click expand if it doesn’t show automatically).
wp_20170129_13_26_21_proNext, get your receiving device ready. I’ll be using my Surface Book since most W10 machines Version 1607 or higher can be used as a receiver for wireless display. Access the Connect app from your app list (not the same as the connect option within Action Center!)

If you’re trying to do this on an Windows Insider Xbox One or TV that receives wireless display , of course the instructions are going to be different per your make/model.
Confirm that your display receiver is what you’re seeing in your GPD Win’s connect menu.

Connect and… have fun!

Now for the fun stuff, here’s a list of ways that you can get a device capable of wireless display.

Now wireless display isn’t a perfect solution. With any grade of wireless technology comes latency and if speeds aren’t fast enough to make things smooth, a more conventional mini-HDMI cable (like the Pearstone Active mini-HDMI to HDMI braided high-speed cable) may be the only solution to getting a tv-bound solution that doesn’t sacrifice charging capability.

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