Surface Pro 2 Announced, and MSFT Makes Liars of Us (In a Good Way!)

Not too long ago, we caught some flak on Google+ communities for doggin’ out Microsoft on their Surface Pro release scheduling – and now Microsoft themselves arrived to make us eat our own words!

…but it’s a good thing, I promise!

If the subject isn’t already crystal clear yet – I’m talking about the Surface Pro 2; the second generation of Microsoft’s attempt to blend laptop and tablet. The first year’s model scored quite a lot of generous praise for essentially being in a league of it’s own in bringing tablet functionality out of the toy-tier… but with the first generations’ release being so close to Haswell processors the 1st gen Surface Pro was doomed to fall behind shortly after release.

Microsoft isn’t going down without a fight though… and they honestly don’t seem to be going down at all. This year’s Surface presentation was candy for everyone’s ears. They really nailed it this time by listening and trying to resolve issues that came with the 1st gen Surface Pro. It’s display is better, it’s battery life is significantly longer, it has an improved two-stage kickstand aimed to improve Lapability ™… and yes, it includes the new Haswell processor which allows it to be stronger, while quieter and cooler.

There’s also a second generation Surface RT that has even more drastic changes. The camera is 5mp (Surface Pro 2 didn’t get camera improvements), it now features a current-gen Tegra 4 and the screen res has been bumped up to match the same FullHD the Surface Pro is famous for. Battery life here has improved too and there’s a new generation of backlight keyboard covers here as well.

…but the biggest; quite possibly most impactful difference here is that Microsoft now sees the light regarding “the waiting game”. Are we going to be waiting something just shy of a year to get this in our hands? Nope! It will be here next month.

Considering how drastic a change that was from last generation, I feel justified in the fact that my jaw hit the floor.

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