Microsoft Surface release date is the 26th, pre-ordering is live!

Mayhaps you remember an event some time back – where Microsoft wow’ed us all with the unveiling of their own tablet that boasted itself as “the best of both worlds”… then receded into a shell of complete and total secrecy without even as much as a price or a release date.

For tablet fiends that were excited by this, that may not have been your most fond moment as an information seeker… but what will change the tides is knowing that the Microsoft Surface will be released on the 26th, and pre-orders start NOW.


For the same price as you’d pay for a 16GB version of either prime solution in Apple/Android’s 10in tablets, you’re getting a 32GB Microsoft Surface loaded with Windows 8 RT. Adding on a Touch Cover or Type Cover are $119.99 and $129.99 (respectively), and there’s bundle deals able to shave quite a nice portion off the price of the keyboard depending on whichever capacity a given buyer wants.

Psyched? I definitely am.

Source: Microsoft

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