txtr Beagle, a $13 alternative to the Kindle and Nook

How many times have you thought to yourself “Man, I wanna get an eBook reader – but I’m too broke to spend $79!”? Judging by the phenomenal sales of Amazon’s Kindle family and the Barnes & Noble Nook series… probably never. But even if we already have a good thing going, who doesn’t love seeing good get better?

Straight off the German coastline, the news started burning up with the revelation of the txtr Beagle, a 6-inch eBook reader that’s boasting a very rich reading experience… for a meager $13!Image

While many eReaders have tried and failed to stand up against the big names of the industry, this $13 price point is just the bite this Beagle needs to roll with the big dogs.

While their marketing pitch infers a big of hilarious insanity (with not-so-subtle messages to put down the iPad) they truly do establish this as a meritable device… even if it doesn’t turn out to be good enough to replace special moments with your significant other. It does have it’s flaws though. Something that’s sort of mildly touched is that it’s method of file acceptance relies on a phone-to-reader sync relationship which will initially only accept transfer from Android devices. An even more dire duo of demerits are the facts that it requires batteries and, despite having decent internal memory, is limited to 5 books at any given time.

We could argue that people too ADD-positive to need more than 5 books at once have bigger problems to worry about, but as we come so much nearer to an age where technical limitations are no barrier, seeing something cut us off at 5 books feels so… 90s. The case for batteries; however, comes with it’s positive light as we learn two AAA batteries are claimed to yield over a year of reading.

As we would expect, it does offer a reasonable facsimile to the Kindle’s screen so that glossy, glare-filled non-sense doesn’t turn us all into vampiric night-readers… and if their projections are correct, it will be released worldwide just in time for the holidays. So if we can accept going back to the age of using batteries and hard-set limitations, we’ll have a quality e-Reader with the right price!

Source: txtr Beagle Official Website

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