OnLive Update Brings PS3/360 Quality Gaming to Xperia PLAY

…and with that, Xperia PLAY quickly takes the heavyweight champion title for being the one and only true tactile mobile gaming platform to get a version of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, that is neither toned-down or stripped of content.

While the Xperia PLAY had a rough start, it’s grown significantly since then. It’s a sad day in hell for the small, pathetic circle jerk crew of Xperia PLAY haters that get their kicks off making inappropriate relations between this and the Nokia N-Gage – because they’ve been having every proposed “issue” of the Xperia PLAY thwarted; godspeed.

It started off with a dim screen, and an update fixed that, it started off without 720p recording capabilities – also resolved. The game library has exploded into an unthinkable mass of quantity and quality, and even the claim against it’s lack of PlayStation  trademarks falters as the official Sony PlayStation Suite integrates the PlayStation Store and many more PSN features into more and more regions.

But the straw that breaks the haters’ camel’s back (yes, that was homage to The Boondocks) is when Xperia PLAY takes it’s approximated 200-game library, excellent emulation capabilities, official PS1 library – then adds current-gen console quality games under it’s umbrella with the new OnLive update!

Now anyone who was initially introduced to OnLive from it’s launch was likely built up by it’s large promise, then let down by the poor streaming video quality and game-breaking input lag. Glad to report today is that those issues have been addressed over a number of updates, and this is much closer to being a quality medium for gaming.

Additionally, anyone who was initially introduced has undoubtedly been overwhelmed to come face-to-face with this absolute catastrophe of an on-screen control GUI:

To call this "convoluted" is being generous... very generous.

…which slams a given gamer with a cluttered attempt to translate console-quality input into virtual controls. It’s only natural to want relief from that, yet all we had prior was OnLive’s universal $49.99 external controller solution… which; of course, forces you into the fearsome foursome of unavoidable external controller issues:

#1. Extra cumbersome factor (having to carry the damn thing around)
#2. Having to manage charge for another device
#3. BT Connection Battery Drain
#4. Annoying pair/unpair process involved in every gaming session

… and one would speculate that OnLive would fight to the death to make sure their proprietary controller was the only way to play this with sensible  controls… yet here came an update outta nowhere that makes it fully compatible with Xperia PLAY’s gamepad – and thus simplifies a cluttered mess into a very effective slide-and-play format.


Needless to say, it feels great – it’s not only loads better than the virtual touch control setup, but feels like a more genuine and legitimate experience now that’s beyond novelty. Additionally, you get that true sense of burden-free portability that can’t quite be matched by anything of those unwieldy facsimiles created to suit smartphones that lack in-built physical game pads.

Just for celebration of this monumental release, here’s a bonus video!

OnLive on the Android Market: MARKET LINK


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