Sonic CD released on Android! …and Xperia PLAY Optimized!

“…will that order of the BEST SONIC GAME EVER be for here or to go?”
“To go, please.” 

With so much news following this phenomenal release, it’s been a long an arduous wait to quench our thirst for nostalgia. But wait no longer, because Sonic CD for Android and iPhone is now live!

Now the first impression is a strong one, and just trying to dive straight into this left myself and users worldwide in shock as their download stalled at all times of the day. I’m glad to report though – that after so many failures to download this over WiFi… it took just one time trying to download this over 3G networks to get it working perfectly!

So how is it? Considering performance, the game runs flawlessly. Everything is intact from graphics to music as to qualm the purists. Unlike GameCube, PC and PS2 releases of the same game, you get the full intact audio (as opposed to the infamous clipped music samples) as well as the ability to switch between JP and US soundtracks that fans have been begging for.

If you haven’t picked on it yet, the whole package is quite neatly planned out and assembled to perfection to consider all the desires of purist nostalgics, while also assuring that the antiques of classic gaming didn’t hold this back…

…but how are the controls?

If you’ve ever played Sonic 2 or Sonic 4 on an iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or Windows Phone 7 (or any Sonic game on any touch-screen phone through an emulator), you already know the immortal (and universal) issues of what happens when you try to pair any high-octane action title with touch controls – things get messy. While menus and the jump *button* are functional enough, the big issue here is that darned lack of a real d-pad. Which, of course, means that precision lost results in a lot of conflict between simple necessities such as ducking, rolling and preparing for a dash attack.

But that’s a target too weak for us to pick on when we’ve got smartphones like the Xperia PLAY massively revolutionizing the input for smartphone gaming. Considering that option, there’s absolutely no problem in controllability because you’ve got all the tactility, precision and accuracy necessary to perform all those ‘twitch‘ reactions that’ll save your life in later areas of the game.

From the point in which I heard “Sonic Boom” bring all that nostalgia flooding back ’til now, the best descriptive term for the scenario has been bliss. This release is pure bliss. It’s done to such an extent of grace that it’s not just better than any other re-release attempt, but actually even better than the original Sega CD release!

Sonic CD on the Android Market: MARKET LINK


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