Never Forget Where Ya’ Came From (thepsphasnogames)

As I get into the swing of creating this new project (which will, invariably, spin into many focuses) I can’t help but think about what happened the last time I did something like this.

If you aren’t too familiar with it, the first serious attempt of an article database I’d created was a response to a lot of negative press that surrounded the Sony PlayStation Portable in it’s early years that I titled “thepsphasnogames”… to smack the opposition with a comedic spin of irony. Myths and misconceptions abound, I flew into the flurry of chaos, fighting to discover, reveal and publicize truths… good ‘ol days.

Of course I wasn’t alone! The attempt was supported massively by many who provided support in many ways… I like to think of them as “freedom fighters” of sorts, many of whose names will likely stay fresh in my head ’til the end of time; Nnamz, TowelFight, FayeGurl, Housemonkey, JayMoney624, Judgbolt, the *lovers* MappyMousePD+Kurgan, and; of course… two of the coolest bros on the web (Andrew Childress/Dennis Klicker), who turned my little project into it’s own domain and put up with all the hell I caused murdering their bandwidth with my traffic (sorry guys, you know I got mad luv for ya though ;D).

Did I mention that we rose hell? Yes, we definitely rose some serious hell… enough to not only give them nasty web trolls a slap, but enough to spark positive press out of PocketGamer, Joystiq, and IGN!

Am I here to be stuck in glory days? Absolutely not! Just here to announce that all those memories will forever be backlogged here before I move on to create bigger, better things 🙂

So here we have it, The OFFICIAL and PERMANENT home for thepsphasnogames!!!

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