TPHNG’s opinion on what the PSP lacks

Ah… The fanboy dropkicking, the total logical steamrolling and the rumor storming. So far, it’s been all cotton candy when we’re speaking of the Sony PSP… but after turning a few heads, removing the security blankets of those who want to believe the PSP is no good, and downright infuriating those who seem to straight-up devote their life to hating the PSP and Sony altogether, the question arises “So if the PSP is such an excellent handheld, why isn’t it outselling the DS?”

Since the damage control for this website has gotten so outrageous that the more delusional of fanboys are sure this website’s existance and management are only due to us getting a fat paycheck from Sony…

Note from (Administrator_TLR) : .
Which it certainly is not, as my Valhalla Knights-lacking collection can vouch for.

…we’ve decided to approach the PSP in a less positive manner. Unlucky for some, this is not a PSP vs DS website, so we will not focus on the PSP vs DS war, but rather focus on some major flaws of the Sony PSP. With the release of Syphon Filter and the proof that complex controls can be done on PSP that accompanies it, there’s obviously no need for something as drastic as a re-design, but there’s definitely a myriad of other issues that are in need of being fixed.

  • For the Music Player, Video Player and Image Viewer, there are only 2 subdirectories of depth allowed, making organization extremely limited.
  • The Music Player lacks any sort of playlist options aside from imported Windows Media Player playlists and group-specific playback – there is no playlist creation/editing on the go.
  • The Video Player, even after being released for 2 years, is still limited to MPEG4 compatibility. No firmware updates have added proper AVI/MPEG/WMV support yet.
  • The visualizations for the Music Player were a very nice touch, now follow suit with a system where you can download more visualizations and allow PSP users to upload their own.For a device that’s supposed to be competing against iPod as a supreme media device, the PSP simply needs to include the aforementioned functionalities. It’s got a huge, beautiful and vivid 480×272 screen – now do something with it.
  • The PSP Camera and PSP GPS device are not out in the US
  • The PSP is in serious need of a keyboard attachment for the internet-based typing needs, preferrably one with a flip-clamshell design that can be used in the same manner as a laptop.
  • Yeah, the TV-out cable that was intended to launch with the PSP… it’d be a really, really good idea to revive that concept.
  • Now that Sony has decided not to give up on UMD movies, they can show they mean business by releasing a small, cost-effective standalone UMD video player that connects into any standard SA-V input. It’d make the format a lot less proprietary, and offer a much smaller alternative to the DVD format.
  • Too much advertisement of the actual platform, not enough of it’s software.
  • The Flash Version is in dire need of updating. With so much of the “Pick up & Play” emphasis being put on the Flash Player, keeping it so low severely limits the possibilities.
  • The 4MB cache limit on the Internet Browser needs to go. It causes a ton of “Out of Memory” errors that hardly represent the PSP’s strength, and, tied-in the Flash Player/JavaScript Functions is simply a severe limitation to what could be a superb portable internet browsing medium

What’s bothersome here is that a vast majority of these aren’t even a lot to ask for, and could have been fixed alongside the hundreds of security patches offered with each firmware update.

Just by seeing how much the PSP is killing on Gamerankings it’s pretty obvious PSP’s got a nice and robust selection of games under it’s belt, but what good is that if no one knows about them? Just by the fact that the “PSP is all ports and sports” logic existed for us to kill proves that something about the PSP’s ad campaign is lackluster, as barely anyone knows about the PSP’s games.

Simple 30-second commercials that emphasize heavily on a game’s features(infrastructure play especially, if it’s present) and show some high-velocity in-game footage would do wonders, in comparison to say; talking meatballs, Mexican squirrels, ambiguous and senseless junk about “Carpet you can watch outside” or dust bunnies… Seriously, Sony – if this were to, by some miracle, make it to some of your executives, would you really want the image of your hardware platform being portrayed by dust bunnies?

At any rate, those are what we think needs to be changed as far as the PSP goes. 

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