A simple and costless solution to simple PSP games.

In our previous article, a little blip was said that seemed to aggravate some, where the TPHNG staff spoke of “Pick up & Play” games as “quickies” instead of real games, demeaning them in such a manner as to say they aren’t even worth paying for when you can get PSP games that are actually full-fledged games that are of a more epic and console-style nature.

Do we apologize for the above statement? Nope, not at all.

You see… this is TPHNG. Giving up kinda isn’t the TPHNG way of doing things. As always, our word is useless without tons and tons of thorough, long-winded explanations – but this time we’re taking a more “actions speak louder than words” approach.

Since we did, after all infer that you should not spend money on such simple games, we present to you: Four-Hundred and Ninety Two Free(and Legal) Flash Games specifically for the playing of on your Sony PSP.

Note from (Administrator_TLR) : .
I do not take credit for finding all of these. At least 400 of these games were provided by outside sources(BIG thanks to Hollywood nWo who found over 300 of these games, and Kurgan for attacking me for using a torrent and providing a better means of hosting). I merely added a more aesthetically pleasing GUI for the game list and added about 92 games of my own findings.
Download Link: PSP Flash Portal 2.81
• Approx: 85.9 MB (90,162,759 bytes)
• Format: *.RAR Archive

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