Analysis: Most of PSP’s good games are ports

Just one month after disproving that PSP’s game library is lackluster, the completely expected occurs: the second coming of the “Ports, ports, ports!” argument has arrived, even less stable and less factually backed up than last time it unearthed it’s ugly, pizza-faced head to storm us with it’s unsupported and biased conjectures.

After the first attempt to try to say PSP had nothing but ports failed, perhaps they thought it would work a little better if the library was narrowed down to only the good games instead of all the PSP games.

“If 2+2 didn’t equal 91 in grade school, it’s not going to in college either.”

So again, we refer back to the list of (Article 5) to count up the games that are actually ports to, again, douse these desperate game junkies that would lose as much sleep as it takes to be able to convince themselves and whoever else they can that the multimedia monster that is the PSP has at least failed to do something aside from outsell the DS.

• Non-Ports: 86/117
• Ports: 31/117

This table displays a comparison of all the games that are ports(multi-platform games would be illogical to be counted as ports) to all the games that are actually ports, which concludes that:

Even when narrowed down to only the PSP games that can be deemed as good(the ones that are ranked 70% or higher), the PSP game library is still not composed mostly of ports.

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