Analysis: PSP games are only for graphic whores

Deja Vu? While we definitely are not DS haters, there is nothing we hate more than fanboys who insist that anything that has better graphics than Nintendo systems must be “All Graphics, no substance.” or couldn’t possibly can’t be eye-candy while having good substance. Here’s some news though: They can co-exist.

If you’re wondering about the appearance of “Deja Vu”, it’s to emphasize on how this same ignorance was spread to destroy the XBOX reputation; noting it as a “Halo/Halo 2 emulator” with next to no good games(as any avid XBOX gamer/connoisseur knows is just flat-out incorrect).

This isn’t even really an issue that needs to be debunked, as it wasn’t a stable fact to begin with. If you see anyone playing Tekken, Monster Hunter or Bounty Hounds on their PSP(which are about as good as it gets, aesthetically), chances are, they aren’t sitting there marveling at the graphics – but they’re all into the gameplay and having fun with the title. Just for the humor, though – lets have a show of votes to let people know just how ignorant it is to say the PSP is only for graphics whores.

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