Analysis: PSP controls make most genres unplayable

To add another pillar to the foundation of the tower of desperate arguments against the PSP, a slew of genres that supposedly “Don’t work” with the PSP’s controls were rose as to say that it’s lack of similarity to a PS2 controller makes certain important genres of games way more work than they’re worth to play on the PSP.

This issue was largely spoken of because the Playstation Portable lacks a few control-based components that the Playstation and Playstation 2 have; mainly being a second analog, the second left and right triggers, and the L3/R3 buttons that were enabled by pressing into the analog sticks.

While the PSP certainly does lack these, something a lot of people forget is that the Nintendo 64 also lacked the same, but pulled off every genre well. That’s not our focus for today though, but rather to make a list of games that prove their genre is doable on the PSP.

Genre:. Title:.
Role-Playing/Action Untold Legends
Role-Playing/Traditional Blade Dancer
Role-Playing/Strategy Spectral Souls
Action/Adventure Daxter
Action/Shooter(Third Person) Syphon Filter – Dark Mirror
Action/Shooter(First Person) Medal of Honor – Heroes
Action/Shooter(Bird’s Eye) Killzone – Liberation
Action/Fighting Tekken – Dark Resurrection
Puzzle Exit
Sports/Soccer World Tour Soccer 06
Sports/Football Madden NFL 07
Sports/Hockey NHL 06
Sports/Basketball NBA Live 06
Sports/Baseball MLB Slam
Racing Race Driver 2006
Board Online Chess Kingdoms
Cards Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force G/X
Strategy/General Field Commander
Strategy/Cards Metal Gear AC!D

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