Analysis: PSP Software Sales are only at 2.8 million

All since Sony’s direct attack on the DS fanbase, the gloves were off and it’s been nothing short of a total war between the PSP and DS. With verbal war, of course, comes the sneaky attacks on each side and straight up lies generated and spread by the oppositions. There’s nothing a TPHNGamer loves more to crush than outright lies, and we locked on a good one sure to bring some good humor to our readers.

So if you’ve heard this before, you probably could associate it with the DS, as to form it’s most common use “PSP software sales are only at 2.8mil, while the DS software sales are outselling it nearly tenfold at 27.8mil sales!”. As this is not a DS hate website, we will refrain from contributing to any attacks lead on the DS, however this 2.8 million software sales figure of the PSP needs to be questioned.

Why, you ask? Because of an interesting read that simply does not add up.

If you’ve been an avid reader of another great PSP information website(PSP Fanboy), you’ve likely come across this chart.

If you’re having trouble making sense of what that is – it’s a list of all the PSP’s million selling titles, which, if you count – is eight. Now, just wait a second… if the PSP software sales are only at 2.8mil, then how is it possible that the PSP can have eight titles selling over a million copies? Yeah… obviously, that figure of 2.8mil is irrefutably false.

But that wasn’t enough for us, we had to check again and see what the heck these people were talking about when they said the PSP’s only got 2.8mil software sales, maybe they were specifying America only? …or perhaps Japan-only? So we did a little checking to figure out where this lie came from.

  • Couldn’t be talking about America, because those 8 alone are at 5mil
  • “Other” Regions report a cumulative 4.7mil
  • Couldn’t be talking about Japan, because with all the titles, it’s far above 2.8mil
      So, in conclusion:
The figure of 2.8mil sales is false, as those eight titles alone have totaled a worldwide sales figure of 11.5mil, and surely with all the other ~242 PSP games, it’s much more than that.

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