Analysis: Ports form the majority of the PSP’s Game Library

For a considerably large amount of time, the main argument of the PSP was that the majority of it’s games were all ports, and that the PSP lacked original titles. In an attempt to compile a list of ports on both the PSP and DS, some interesting information that is detrimental to this argument was found.

After the compilation of the list, a figure of rougly 58 ports on PSP was reported. Analysts and gaming connoisseurs scoffed at this list, because a lot of games mentioned weren’t ports at all, or were simply multi-platform games(such as Madden 2007). Just for the sake of argument, we’re pretending that 58 is a solid figure(even though, in reality, it is so much less).

With a software total of 245 games(Source: GameRankings), we’ve concluded that:

The number of ports in the PSP library form less than 23.7% of the overall game library, and that the argument noting that “Most PSP games are ports” is completely and totally false.

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